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Find out how you can get your safety messages on the wall

Why us?

We Perform, You Succeed

Safety 4 Work, with the use of  Marlin’s Electronic Communication Station™ (ECS), is the only digital signage provider that can provide everything a company needs to reach workplace employees with visual communication. This includes software, industry-specific content, hardware, installation, and support. A la carte offerings are available for hardware, software, and content. 


Why Digital Signage?

Companies everywhere are embracing workplace digital signage, also called electronic bulletin boards, workplace safety solutions, and corporate digital signage as a powerful visual communication tool.

They’ve found it valuable in today’s workplace, especially given the high distraction levels and low attention spans of today’s workers.

Workplace Poster Exchange Service

 Safety 4 Work also offers 2 unique and highly effective Workplace Poster Exchange Services. A 6 weekly, personalised poster exchange service is offered to businesses located in South East Queensland and for the rest of Australia, New Zealand and globally, we provide a highly successful and uncomplicated system utilising the postal service. All designs can be found on our website and are regularly updated according to Australian regulations. Personal exchange service is available in selected areas.

                                SEE THE DESIGNS

Features & Benefits

Custom Posters for any Situation

Whether you need to reinforce an important safety measure or just want to showcase a motivational design to your workplace, we will help you get your  message across.


Any design

With over 600 contemporary designs already in our Library, we may already have what you’re looking for. 

If not, we will work closely with you to make sure whatever ideas you have, become a reality.  

Take control

Get what you want!

The more of your ideas we have to work with the better. Perhaps an image, a few words or just a verbal idea usually turns into exactly what you had in mind.

We can also make alterations, change wording, images or even put your logo on some of our existing designs.


Unlimited changes

We want an amazing end product just as much as you do, so we won’t rest until the design is exactly as you envisioned.


Put your message on the wall

When it comes to attention grabbing designs which also convey a message, we know what what we’re talking about.


keeping your workplace safe

Workplace Signage for any Situation


We can supply any generic sign you may need to keep your workplace compliant and safe for all employees and visitors. If you require a custom sign, we work together to provide a satisfactory end product.


We manufacture ALL signs locally to ensure complete quality control and a fast delivery time.


We work with fully insured contractors to provide a seamless installation process.

Get your free digital signage strategy guide now!

Digital Signage is a compelling, attention-getting employee communications tool that can lead to increased productivity, reduce costs, improve morale, and greater employee retention.

Check out the 8 critical questions to ask before jumping in, courtesy of our Workplace Digital Signage guide.

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