Why Workplace Safety Posters Are Important

Workplace Safety Posters are posters or notices that promote safety in any work area prone to accidents.

They could be about right procedures, processes or even attitudes that are “good to follow” to avoid mishaps and near misses. They may use shock, alarm or even humour to put their messages across.

The good designs work to some extent, whereas many others just become part of the background. This article talks about some things to do to get the most out of our  Poster Exchange Program


What to Think About When Displaying Safety Posters.

There are various types of Workplace Safety Posters. There could be Manual Handling posters that details correct techniques, procedures or even body postures to follow to ensure safety for all. Then there are health and safety posters that deal additional specifically with individual safety.

Another category of posters is the Fire Safety posters that, because the name implies, facilitate prevent or control fires. All these posters are necessary in numerous circumstances and workplace areas. The primary issue is to make a decision which poster to use and in what frequency and place.

Once you decide on the workplace safety posters topics that you would like and and the areas where they can be placed, the following job is to choose the communication style. Using humour may be a popular alternative but does not work well for everything. Sometimes alarm, surprise or perhaps shock is a lot more effective. The best choice can depend on a mixture of space of use, message being communicated and overall company philosophy and culture.

Individuals begin notice only what’s new. Using a static poster in the same area will eventually be useless because it merges into the background. It is vital to alter, exchange, the posters every few weeks or at the very least rotate between locations so that everybody will see and read all relevant messages. It’s also important to change the mode of communication to make employees more receptive.

Workplace Safety Posters are very commonly used in factories, business kitchens, shop floors and other places where there’s a risk of an accident or incident. It could be worthwhile to mix the use of posters with actual workshops and specific training to ensure that employees are noticing and taking in the poster messages. People who pass by a billboard  one hundred times will effectively cease to pay attention to that message.

There are all sorts of posters aside from Workplace Safety Posters.

  • Teamwork and building lasting workplace relationships.
  • Promoting and elevating employees attitudes and mood.
  • Displaying messages of encouragement.
  • Making sure specific company rules and regulations are followed by everyone.
  • Implementing a new wellness program.
  • Just adding an eye catching design to an otherwise under used area.

We have an extensive Library with designs to fit most situations. If you are looking for a specific poster message which is not represented in the Library, we are more than happy to have our graphic designer come up with a few ideas that might suit.

If you’re unsure about the different ways to use Safety 4 Work posters to encourage and promote safety awareness in the workplace, schedule a meeting with a Safety 4 Work representative right away.  GET IN TOUCH!

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