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Workplace Digital Signage Software

The technique of repeated visual exposure (learned from the advertising industry), can engage, inform and motivate employees, change behaviour and lead to better profits.
Workplace digital signage, installed in areas where employees congregate, can effectively reach those who don’t have access to computers or smart phones. And it’s a welcome break for desk workers who spend hours staring at a computer.
With the right visual signage system, your company can deliver the right message to the right employees to drive the right behaviour.



  • Create a culture of safety to reduce accidents, workers comp claims, and lost time
  • Increase productivity by posting KPIs and helpful tips
  • Reduce employee turnover by improving morale
  • Increase understanding of company goals and create a better sense of team
  • Keep all employees informed and up-to-date, regardless of their schedules
  • Improve overall communication, including messaging by senior leadership
  • Encourage health and wellness to reduce absenteeism and healthcare costs
  • Prevent workplace stress and violence
  • Improve morale by celebrating employee milestones


Companies scoring in the top 25% for employee engagement have:

37% lower absenteeism
48% fewer safety incidents
41% fewer quality defects
21% high productivity
22% higher profitability